Monday, February 14, 2005

Tip Jar

I was at the new Perfect Harmony Cafe the other day and told them i would blow a tip jar. I did a black vase with a foot. It will come out of the annealher today and I hope I will post a photo tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be worth a few latte's in exchange.
OKCMOA started a new class on Saturday. It as a great time. I think everyone will have a good experience.
The studio is still in the middle of reorganization. It is coming along. The new glory Hole is going to be huge. Damon came out and cut the front off with his plasma cutter. I want one of those now. Very cool tool. I will get some IFB and hopefully in about a month we will have a new glory hole. Tulsa has a place called Thermal Specialities. It looks like a good supplier for refractory materials and the things that are needed in order to build items that will take the high heat of melted glass.
Thanks also to all of those kinds folks who helped out this weekend.

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