The Artists at Blue Sage

Andrew M. Boatman -
“Glassblowing for me is a team sport, working with others to create a vision. There is a willingness to grow and change with adversity; shaping the glass like our lives. I create with a love of the art and with memory of everyone who helped shape me along the way.”

Andy with a love of teaching and a love of glass, Andy is able to translate the glass blowing experience for others to help them learn the process. Classified as an emerging glass blower, Andy started blowing in 1999 under the tutelage of his Aunt Connie Christopher. He went on to open Blue Sage Studios in March of 2003, marking the date as the beginning of his glassblowing career. With his primary employment as a full time middle school teacher, Andy blows glass every chance he can. Andy and his friends can be found most every weekend and weeknight at his glass studio in the Midtown area of OKC. Always evolving, the studio continues to grow and develop and has become a destination for lovers and seekers of fine art glass.

Andy recently spent time at the Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain as a guest instructor on glassblowing.

Andy making a bowl - June 2015

Roy McCallister - Inspired by the work of William Morris, Roy began blowing glass in Stillwater at Multi-graphics. He joined us at Blue Sage Studios in early 2005. Highly skilled in a variety of arts, Roy creates objects in glass with the eye of a true artist.  As a retired fireman Roy can be found at the studio at least three days a week creating and helping others learn the process.

Roy making a sea shell

Richard Bricker - "Sparky" joined us when we moved to our new location on Western. Being a plumber he came in to run the gas lines for the glory hole. He was there on the day we fired up and has been there ever since. Richard has been prefecting working with the optic molds and glass powders. Recently Richard has begun "pulling cane" and working with glass color bar.

Richard working at the mobile furnace.

Denny Balasano - Denny came in to help out Richard and has really taken a great hand on the process.

Richard and Denny opening a bowl.

Ray Pemberton - Ray took a glass blowing class in 2004. Perfection in the creation of art. Ray's chandeliers are a thing of beauty to behold.  Ray recently took the Venetian glass class at Corning and is working on making goblets. He is in the process of opening a glass supply house here in the Urban Art building, called GlassWorx

Chuck Gershon - Chuck learned to blow glass in Tulsa. He and his wife moved to OKC and he began coming to Blue Sage on a regular basis. Recently, Chuck has been studying murrini pickups and enclamo work. Chuck has moved to Kentucky where is still perfecting his skills.

Patty Harper - Patty started blowing glass in 2006. She makes the most elegant flowers and ornaments. "Art in some form has always been a passion for me.  As a young child, I loved to draw and this desire has been with me into my sixties.  I have painted, worked with clay, china painted and none of those forms have given me as much pleasure as blowing glass.  I have finally found an art form that truly gives me “a smile on my face”.  It is so much fun to create colorful and individual pieces.  Each time not knowing what the end result will be.  We are never too old to learn."

Christine Partigianoni - Christine started in March of 2006. She retired from the US Air Force and is currently working on an arts degree at OU.

Connie Christopher - Aunt Connie taught Andy how to work with glass and gave us our start glassblowing. She works out of Blue Sage on occasion and makes truely beautiful glass art.

Lonnie - Patty's brother Lonnie comes to play now and again.

Brandon Downey - Brandon started blowing glass in early 2009. Dedicated to the craft you can see great progress in his skills and knowledge of glass. Brandon is a general contractor.

Brandon making a transfer.

Scott - Scott pursues glass with abandon. Scott works for Continental during the day and has a coffee catering business.

Scott helping Grant our Art with a Heart student. 

Marty - Marty has been blowing glass since the middle of 2008. Thursday nights in the studio is a great time to come watch the process as Marty has been creating bigger and better pieces every week. Marty is a funeral director in Weatherford.

Dr. John - Dr. John is a local dentist who joined us around 2010. He comes in regularly to make sure we are doing and right.

Dr. John holding a big bowl with his helpers. 

The Booth's - What amazing progress by our Sunday glassblowing couple. Drop by some Sunday to watch them work.Check out Michael's Flickr Page too.

Michael and Sherri Booth making a bowl.
Weston Repola - Weston came into the studio during the summer of 2013. Weston has really taken to glass and is in hot pursuit of knowledge and technique.

Weston jacking a twisty cup.
Still to come entries for:
Gary, Lester, Aaron, Michelle, Chris, Drew, and more...

Mara - Mara is the Blue Sage Studios executive assistant. She gets things done around the studio and is in charge of the gallery space. Recently she has taken to making flowers.