Friday, September 29, 2006


As readers know the 12x12 art show is this weekend. I hope to see some of you there.
We will be working on Saturday afternoon and not sure about Sunday yet. Trubey is in town and we have not yet scheduled a time to get together so things that way are still up in the air...
It has been a busy week. Many thanks to everyone who made it all come together so well.
I am thinking about a public access art center with a glass blowing studio as a cornerstone. I really feel it is possible and can happen. Several factors. Location and funding being central.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


To get a bit esoteric for a moment.
What are the possibilities?
We will open a public access studio for Oklahoma City. All are welcome. Come in and blow glass with us. Lessons, rentals, demostrations. Members of the studio can come in and work. A true community of glass folks.
I need funding. It will work. It would be nice for a docent to come in and purchase the building for the studio. Knowing this to be highly unlikely we focus on a realistic solution. It is easy to think that glass is such a great thing and interesting and needed in this area and that some high community minded people would love to donate everything necessary to see a dream come to reality. So you if you that person let me know. If every person I know would even like to contribute to the cause let me know. Stock holders in the company.
Business Plan. I need to finish it and get it ready for presentations. Let people know what it is we do and what it is we want to see accomplished. A vision Statement. Step by step on how to achieve this goal...

Charge of the Light Brigade

I have no idea what that means I have just always wanted to use that title on a post. We charged the furnace yesterday. We broke an element. In about two hours we had the element changed and the furnace up and running again. It is heating the batch and should be ready for blowing this afternoon.
I am thinking I will put in a bid on the building on Blackwelder. If you would like to become a founding member of the new building let me know. I am not sure how to make it work but it will work and there is no fear.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

East Falls Glassworks - Glassblowing Demonstrations

East Falls Glassworks - Glassblowing Demonstrations
I found this today. Great Step by Step photos of several different projects. Take a look. Give it a try. Let me know how they come out...


We are charging the furnace today. This entails throwing six 12.5 pound bags of Spruce Pine Batch into a 2250 degree chamber. The batch melts and goes flat and another 75 pounds is added to the mix. Do this until full. Heat more, cool. Heat back to working temp. We are blowing on Wednesday afternoon and figured we were low enough we would have to add glass for the rest of the rest of the week. Roy is throwing in some batch this morning and I will top it off this afternoon.
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Schedule for the week

At the Blue Sage Studios Glassworks and Gallery we will be working diligently this week to produce glass for some upcoming shows and for some custom orders.
Monday - 4:00 until around 10
Wednesday - 4:30 til 6, OKCMOA glassblowing class from 6-9
Thursday - 5:30 or so til 10
Saturday - 10 to 2 class, blowing til around 4 after *the 12 x 12 OVAC art show is Saturday at 7:00 pm. This is the premier art event in Oklahoma City for the year. This is the place to see great art from over 120 artists in one location. It is always worth the time and the trip. Be there and be square.
Sunday - Usually start around 4 but maybe earlier.

We will be charging the furnace this week so some of the above times and dates are subject to change. I think Brent will be back in town sometime this week. Rumor has it two of the original founders of Blue Sage Studios will be in town from Seattle as well. We will be welcoming John and Myrna Trubey and JP too. Aunt Connie is tentitively planning a trip in from Santa Fe as well to look at the building down on Blackwelder.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

All Hail the Pumpkin King

Roy is the pumpkin king. He was making some great ones last night. I wish I could make such nice things in glass.
From pumpkin
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Thursday, September 21, 2006


I am not sure on Sunday schedule right now. I am heading up to Skiatook to hang out on Sunday. Roy may be in the studio working I have not spoken with him yet. Check back here or drop us a line to check.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Drawer Pulls

Custom designed drawer pulls are available at Blue Sage Studios. Are you seeking a unique look for your kitchen cabniets? Do you need an update in a bath? Drop us a line and we will design for you a one of a kind set of pulls. Each piece is a unique handmade piece of art glass. Add beauty, grace and loving craftmanship to your home by purchasing a set of drawer pulls today.
Photos to follow soon.
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Monday, September 18, 2006


Morning, we made some good glass last night. easy calm evening. The cool weather is wonderous.
Monday - Blowing tonight around 5 or so.
Tuesday - Going to the Linwood building to check it out around 4. 1829 Linwood Blvd.
Wednesday - OKCMOA class
Thursday - Blowing around 5:30 or so
Saturday - Class
Sunday - Start around 4 or 5
Doing well.
Keep it centered my friends.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Many Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who attended the UCO Odyssey of Love art showing. It was a great evening. The work will be on display for a month. Check it out when you can.
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Studio Equipment photos

I am using the Picasa Web Albums more.

Sep 13, 2006 - 7 Photos

Check out those pages.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cool Piece

From September Ten...

Chris this one is for you of what we talked about this morning.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Show

The UCO Art Showing titled "Odyssey of Love" is from 6:30 til 8:00 on Thursday evening the 14th. Refreshments are served. Should be a hoot.

Schedule for Week of 9-12

Wednesday - I have the OKCMOA glass class in the evening 6 to 9. blowing a bit before and after.
Thursday at 6:30 we have an Art Opening at UCO, fourth floor, university center at the Donna Nigh Gallery.
Friday - Not sure but probably a personal day
Saturday - Class and blowing afterward until about 4 or 5.
Sunday - Blowing around 4 or so.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Opening the Lehr

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We started charging the furnace last night. Cooking the batch from a fine powdery substance down into a molten pool. It is a wonderous process to watch. I do not get to load as fast as I would like. 75#'s before bed. 75#'s this morning. Heading to the studio at luch for another 62#'s maybe 75 maybe 50. Then after school to add another 50 or so. Then top it off this evening. Turn up the heat for overnight and then back down in the am for a squeeze. Backup Tuesday evening to working temps. It is a long schedule but being out there not all the time makes it somewhat difficult to keep up with a two hour charge cycle.
I am in need of some more beans too. I ran out of the last ones. Most of my coffee making accurtruments are at Maggie's place so brewing up a fresh cup is somewhat difficult. I do have a good french press and enjoy the brew this makes up. Typically, I can make a pot (six cup press) I have a couple of cups and then have to add hot water which is fine as the coffee is stronger but room temp. It makes for a nice night in the studio. By the sixth cup I am usually a bit excited. but then last night we were making what I hope is some really great glass. I will post up photos when I get the chance, really Chris I will.
Keep it centered my friends.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I tried to post this yesterday but it got lost.
Saturday - OKCMOA Class until 2. Blowing until around 4 or so
Sunday - Blow around 4 until end. Going to try to charge on Sunday.
Charging Monday and Tuesday.
Wednesday - 4:30 or so until class at 6 til nine. Maybe work until 10.
Thursday - I think that is the UCO show.
We will see what follows after.
Hope to see you all there.
Keep it centered.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


We started OKCMOA classes on Wednesday. It is going to be a great class. I think everyone will have a great time. Roy and I spun out a cool bowl yesterday. I hope it comes out alright. I think I heard it crack but we shall see. I will post up a photo as soon as I can.
We will be working tonight from 4 until about 10. Saturday we will work after the OKCMOA class at 2:00 and then Sunday around 4 til about 10. I am hoping to empty the furnace on Sunday and start chargina a fresh pot. It is time to scrape the pot clean and put in a bunch of fresh glass.
I looked at a building on Tuesday. It would be just about right if we can figure out the zoning issues with the city.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

O Triple C

We had a good show at the Oklahoma City Community College this past weekend. It was fun. I give many thanks to all the friends of Blue Sage Studios that came out to work and play and man the booth. I could not have done it without the help of each of you. I am most grateful. Many thanks to our supports who came by and purchased art. What an honor to have a place in your hearts and homes. Thank you all so very much.
Keep it centered my friends, keep it centered.

Friday, September 01, 2006

O Trip C

It is nearly time for the Art Festival at OCCC. It should be a great one. We will have a lot of people coming in and working the booth this weekend. Many thanks to all those who will be taking time out of their weekends to help. Many thanks to Ray and Cynthia for setting up and and Roy for watching the booth today.
If you all are out and about be sure to drop by and say hello. We are booth #38. Tent 2. The far Northwest booth about three in from the west entrance. It looks like a great spot. I think we have a good setup too.
Mention you read the blog and get a 10% discount.
Have fun and of course,
Keep it centered.