Studio Memberships

Blue Sage Studios in now offering memberships. A membership to Blue Sage Studios does come with a few perks, not to mention a good cup of coffee.

Current as of January 7, 2014

Become a member of Blue Sage Studios

Membership is $300 a month. This includes:
6 Hours of studio/month
1.5 hour block of time (includes set-up and clean-up time)
.5 hour grinding time after each session

Members are asked to devote time each month to the studio to help maintain a clean environment.

There is an additional fee of $20 per hour if a studio assistant (Andy or Roy) is required. Members may bring their own assistant as long as the assistant has a liability waiver and a record of lessons on file. No inexperienced people may serve as assistant. For safety reasons, only the glassblower and assistant are allowed on blowing floor.

All members must have liability waiver on file. Proficiency in the glassblowing process is required for membership. Proficiency is the ability to work alone in creating the desired piece. Glassblowing lessons are advised until proficiency is acquired. Glassblowing lessons are $85 an hour. Membership time does not include a lesson. If a lesson is desired please notify either Andy or Roy in advance.

Time Slots on first come, first served basis; limited to one time slot per week until all members have signed up. When possible please schedule at the same time/same day each week. Time can be split or shared. Time slots may be transferred to another member. If studio is unable to keep appointment rescheduling will occur.

Equipment/Supplies provided by the Studio
Studio Pipes/Punties*
Handtools (jacks, shears, tweezers, diamond shears, paddles, etc.)
Flat Grinder
Safety Glasses
Glass Batch (reasonable limit of #)
Annealehr (reasonable limit of space)
Hand Torches

*Member pipes and punties are denoted with colored tape. Please do not use any pipes or punties that belong to other members.
All members must provide own color. Color is available for purchase at $2.00 an ounce (some high end color is excluded).
Any personal tools must be inscribed.

Members are responsible for any damage to the equipment outside of normal wear and tear.

Members will have access to a single locker (located in the restroom) for color and supplies. Management is not responsible to damage or theft.

Members may display and sale their work in the gallery space at Blue Sage Studios where the studio will receive 33% of any works sold. Members may also sell their work with Blue Sage Studios at art festivals where the studio will receive 50% of any works sold.

To become a member email Andy at andy @ Call Andy at 405-601-2583, please leave a message.

Remember: all clothing needs to be natural materials, no synthetics please. Proper dress for the session should include: heavy closed toe shoes, long sleeve over shirt, short sleeve undershirt, long pants, and bandana or ball cap. Be sure to bring a bottle of water.

This information is subject to change without notice.