Suppliers and Equipment

The folks who supply the studio with everything needed for glassblowing. This list is hardly exhaustive. It is a representation of what can be found and folks I know and use. If you would like to be included please drop me a line. I do apologize if I have forgotten anybody too.

Glass Furnaces - Possibly the best glass melting furnace available. This is the furnace we own at Blue Sage Studios

- HUB makes all types of equipment for the studio and stocks other suppliers too 
- Vince makes everything needed for the glass studio. Good resource too.
- Doug makes studio equipment.
- My first furnace was a Denver. Chris has one of their glory holes.
- Eddie makes glass equipment. Cutting edge technology.
- Just found this site.
 - Bob is the supplier for all things grinding. 

- out of Seattle, Neat cups for color. Kugler supplier
- out of Seattle, Richenbach color and a host of other tools and supplies
- from North Carolina. Kugler and Richenbach colors and some tools
- Color and a wide variety of hard to find items for glass

- We use Spruce Pine Batch in the studio. Great stuff.
- We melted the nuggets when we had the Denver. Patrick out in Santa Fe is using this now.

Pipes and Tools
- The Gott Steamer. Cool Sleeves. Graphite shelf liner too!
- Hand tools. Killer Diamond Shears. Super jacks. Great pipes
- Optic Molds, pipes and punties. Great ornament pipe
- High end pipes and Carlo Dona tools
- Great pipes. The "Calley" Pipe (610) is our go to pipe in the studio
- Jim Moore Tools. Molds, jacks, shears.
- Putsch blowpipes are great. Good tools too.
- Great wood molds for shaping glass. 

How to build a Furnace

Articles of Interest
- Article on the technical side of glassblowing