Events and Gatherings at the Studio

If you are interested in having a party in the glassblowing studio we can accommodate your needs. We have hosted a variety of parties in the past and can work with you to develop a fun and unique experience for you and your guests. Party size is flexible and our studio accommodates 30 to 40 people with relative ease. Guests are welcome to bring food and drink for the party, we do work with a variety of catering companies if you are in need of suggestions.

The whole Urban Arts building is open for events and gatherings as well. If you have a large group please contact Mara Porter as she is in charge of event planning for the building. If you are interested in having your next party with us drop Mara a line at 405.601.2583 or by email at
We can set up a catering service as well as bar service for large parties or if you have people you use on a regular basis we can certainly work within your parameters.

Costs vary depending on the size and nature of the party. Our beginning rate for party rentals is $85 an hour. This cost does include the services of one glassblower.  If additional glassblowers are needed for the party there is an additional $25 per hour fee per glassblower. We can discuss how many glassblowers will be needed at the time of scheduling.

We do require a nominal deposit and a retainer in case of cancellation. Party like this do require a bit of advanced planning so be sure to let us know what you need when you schedule.

Some parties we have hosted before include:

A Piece Party: We make the host or the guest of honor a piece. This will typically be a bowl or a vase or a sea shell (really anything they would like). The guest will pick the colors and a general design and we create the piece while everyone watches. Usually guests will chip in to purchase the item we created. The item price will vary depending on size, shape and color but these are usually around $75 to $120.

An Ornament Party: Guests make an ornament or a flower. Everyone picks out a color and assists in the process of creating the ornament or flower. It usually takes about ten minutes for each person to make a piece, so a party of 10 people would need about two hours. We often have families come in around the holidays to create a Christmas Ornament. We assist with the process so even little ones get to take part in the creation.

Demonstrations: We have a lot of demonstrations for tour groups and for school children. Be sure to call to schedule a time for your groups to come into the studio and learn about glassblowing. We can tailor the presentation to age levels and will answer any questions they have about the process.  These demonstrations usually last 45 minutes up to about an hour and a half. Of course any time we are working folks are welcome to come into the studio and watch us work.

Date Nights: The date night can be as simple as coming in and watching us work. We can make a flower or item for your date. Or you can make your own flowers. Be sure to call to get on the schedule.

Party Favors: For large group gatherings (150-200 people) we have made party favors. Due to the large size of the party it may be necessary to create the party favors in advance. We usually charge per piece in these situations.

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