Thursday, May 12, 2005

1000 Degrees

The furnace is at 1000 degrees again. We are working our way up there. It should be hot tonight so blowing should take place on Friday, Saturday for sure. I hope everything goes well this time with the new cement in place.
I am looking at getting a new furnace. The Denver is great. Economical, easy to use. It has drawbacks in the door and the elements burn out, hence our trouble as of late. I could get a new Denver and rebuild the one we have now and switch between them.
I am looking at the EZTherm by Henry Halem. It is a very nice furnace. It is like the Lexus of the glass blowing furnaces.
I am looking at the Moly furnace that Steve Stadelman builds too. More econimical then Henry's. More of the Cadilac of the furnaces.
We need to go electric for ease of use and consumption of electricity. Do we jump off the deep end and go expensive or keep it small and within reason?
The charging bull has two horns. We are back to this once again and always it seems.
Keep it centered.

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