Thursday, May 18, 2006

How To

After trying Gnat's bowl (first one broke, second two did not get the lines deep enough) and the Paperweight described by the Sac Man I thought I would post one of my new favoriates.
Three Flower Paperweight.
Green on marver laid out with three spokes
Three circles of color. #1 or #0 frit seems good but most of what we have is #2 so that is good too. Circles are about the size of a nickel. push open the centers with a small pick or tweezers. Fill center with another color. (to fill get a small piece of paper with color on it and make into a tube like the Buddhist monks who make the sand paintings.)
1. Small gather on 3/4 inch punty
2. . pick up green on tip, melt in.
3. tweeze green sideways to make leaves. Cool
4. Gather
5. pick up circles of color. 1 - third turn between each pick up. Try to line up with or between leaves.
6. Melt - marver punty end to straiten up piece
7. At the bench take thin ice pick. Poke into the circles. Aim for the middle. Go in strait and then push down to the punty.
8. Melt to shape but not to seal the hole made by the ice pick because you want a bubble there.
9. Marver or block to shape
10. Gather and let excess drip off.
11. Marver or block, cool.
12. Gather, this one is important to get enough distance between the surface and the flower. It is not necessary but really seems of benefit. If size is too large just don't worry about this fourth gather.
13. Shape. Round is okay, Egg shape is nice if you have an egg block. Or maver and hand shape.
14. Jack. Heat. jack, Shape. heat, jack cool.....
15. knock off.

Let me know what you think.
Keep it centered.


Gnat said...

Ok it took reading your directions to realize that I am going to need pictures. I think it is due to the amount of times I was dropped on my head as a child.

So to that end maybe I should put some picutres up on my directions as well.


Sloth said...

I have made a few lily paperweights and it is this process but before gathering throw a small piece of cane into where you placed the ice pick and then heat and cool then gather.