Friday, August 25, 2006


Well, We will be working at 6:00 pm on Sunday in the studio if you all would like to drop by and take a look. I am dropping off glass at UCO today and should know then when our show will be opening. I am looking forward to being there and give thanks for Mary and Xena for giving me this wonderful oppertunity.
We worked a bit last night. I have been busy making wine toppers. Learning to make ornaments again. It is great fun. Without Brent in the studio knocking out production work it may be a little tight on what we have to offer. Many thanks to everyone who shows up and contributes and helps me out at the studio. Lifesavers each and everyone.
Roy is planning on being at the studio more. He is a tremendous asset to the place and really does make some great glass.
Our fall schedule is sort of up and down. Let me know if/when you are interested in coming out and we will get something set up to fit your needs.
Thanks again.
Keep it centered.

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