Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Amanda Joy and I went Sunday to the new building to measure. It is 38 feet by 46 feet. Nice space. AJ made a map of the place. I need to measure the equipment to start possible layouts. Everything is coming along.
I am looking at a couple of different dates for a possible move. I am heading to Seattle for Spring Break and could move March 17 and 18 or could do March 31 April1. Things depend now on the progress in the building, gas, electric, other people's schedules to help move.
I would like to get everyone together and move everything all at once.
I will keep everyone up to date.
Keep it centered.


apostol said...

Let me know when and where to meet. Have worthless 4X4, will travel:)h

Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

What studio's are you planning on visiting in Seattle?
We're excited about your new place. I bet it's going to be tremendous!