Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Catch Up

Whew, time is flying. Since the break-in things seem to be moving more faster. It could be the approaching summer. It could be all the work left to do. It could be all the work that has been done.
If you have not had the opportunity to come by the studio as of late things are really coming along.
We were accepted to be on the HGTV program "That's Clever". It looks like I owe the Gnat a beer. It should be great fun. May 19th is the projected filming date. Everything has to be up and running full force before then. I hope I can get my chops back by then.
Hang on tight.
Keep it centered.

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mara said...

Congratulations on the HGTV gig and being back on line. Let's hope that the break-in was the one set back for the year and it is now done, gone, past, more