Friday, September 07, 2007


CallWave: Text is the New Voicemail
Well, as many of you are aware I do not, or on rare occasion, listen to my voice mail or return calls. Working on it, really I am.
I found CallWave. It is a service that gets my voice mail on my mobile phone. It transcribes the gist of the message and sends it to my email, the internet site, and texts my phone. It also records the message to be retrieved through the phone (have not tried that yet) or their website. So this morning I get a call. I can't answer it but I listen to the message online and have a record of the call in three locations. The question remains...will I remember to call them back?
I hope so. Give me a call, leave me a message, let's see what happens.
Keep it centered my friends.


John said...

I gave the Callwave GIST thing a try. I think it still needs work as it rarely gave me a "gist" I could actually use. In the end I prefer Youmail which is a much more clean-cut visual voicemail service. It sends you a text when u have received a voicemail detailing caller, number and length of message. Good stuff.

Andrew said...

John makes a good point. I got the gist of a message from my friend Carl. Nothing in the gist of the message was what he said. But being able to click on the message and listen online was good.
There is something for me with the visual reminder that helps in retrieving my messages too.
I just wish everyone who calls would leave a message. I guess I got every accustomed to not leaving one...