Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Week Ahead

Things are coming along at Blue Sage Studios. Zack and Michelle are in town for a few days. Hoping to finish up his wall flower installation. We plan on getting Brent's big annealher wired up and running too.
We got a new fan, it pulls 10,000 cfm of air. It seems to be helping not be so very hot. Thanks for Ray and Jim for the installation assist.
OKCMOA class on Saturday but the museum class was canceled for next week so we have some morning blow time slots available if you can come in and work.
The GAS conference is coming up soon in Portland. If you need any tools let Roy know and he may be able to pick something up for you.
Andy is heading out of town around the 24th. Roy and Richard will be the primary caretakers of the studio while I am out of town, Mara will be manning the phones. Scheduling may be a bit tight but everything should work out just fine.
More to come.
Keep it centered.

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