Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Week Ahead

My brother is in town for a few days. Hopefully we will have some time to work in the studio a bit.
This should be a wonderful week too. Last week was just grand.

Tuesday - Closed for charging and rest
Wednesday Open 10 am til about 8
Thursday - Open 8 am til about 9:30. I expect a nice long lunch break in there from about 1 to 5
Friday - Open around noon or so til about 7
Saturday - 8 til 4
Sunday - 2 til 7
Monday - 9 to 9 with a nice lunch too

It does get hot come the afternoon. A long lunch is nice.

I also have the torch set up for lampworking. If you are interested in making beads drop by and try it out.

Keep it centered.

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