Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Annealher

The big annealher is up and running. We got it up to 920 degrees last night and burnt in the bricks. I will give it another test run tonight and it should be ready to go on Friday for the Open House.

A History

Knowing we would need more space for bigger items, Brent started the big annealher about 5 years ago. He framed it out and got it welded together. Not too long after we had to leave the old studio location in the barn. The Annealher made the move and found a nice corner in the studio. Over the course of a year we added some door stops and welding and whatnots with Richard leading the charge. Roy bricked it up. Elements were ordered. My brother Zack would work on the box every visit in town. Electricity was rerun. We hade wired to 70 amps and had to switch up to 100 amp service. Electictiy was fixed. Denny and Lou cam in and fixed the controller and wireing to get it ready. With the help of everyone nearly three years after the move the big annealher is up and running.

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mara said...

i vote for a launch party this weekend. we can drink the bubbly instead of smashing it on the thing (because that would be a nasty mess that I don't relish cleaning....)but a party is most definately in order