Friday, May 21, 2010


I got a call yesterday from a Transcription service for the hard of hearing/deaf. The transcription service dictates information between callers. They called from (786) 709-9175 which seems to be a ligitiment service. The caller on the other end wants to place an order at the studio for over $2000 and pay by Credit Card. The Caller has email at and a Seattle WA address. I refused to take a credit card over the phone and the caller hung up. I suspect this is going to become a very common scam. It reminded me of the email scams asking to place an order and running a credit card.
Be aware and be diligent. and remember to
keep it centered

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arizona glass said...

It seems the telemarketers are out in force again. You have to sign up for the federal no call list to keep these people at bay