Monday, June 14, 2010

The Week Ahead

And the rains came down...
What a day of rain. Beautiful but dangerous. Be safe out there.
We are busy busy in the studio. OG&E has more then doubled their rates for the summer time, come in now and buy some glass. Ask for a special discount to cover increased costs.

On Tuesday Patty is hosting a going away party for Christine. Everyone is invited, flyers are at the studio. BBQ and more.

On Saturday and Sunday we have a couple of fellows in making goblets for the band Tool. Come and watch in the afternoon some outstanding glass making going on.

The Week of June 14 -20
Monday - 9 to 8 (but rained out til noon)
Tuesday - Closed to Charge - Christine's going away party
Wednesday - 9 to 9 with a break for lunch 1 to4
Thursday - 9 to 8 with lunch break
Friday - 9 to Noon
Saturday - 9 to 5 or so (Guest Artists afternoon)
Sunday - 12 to 8 or so (Guest Artists after the Booth's)

Keep it centered and dry...

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