Tuesday, June 21, 2005

All is Well

Everything is up and running. Brent has installed five new fans in the roof. They pull out a lot of heat. It is really amazing.
The studio is running well. My brother came to town and brought some new (used) equipment. We now have a great granny hanger for the pipes to hang from when working alone along with a new yoke/heat shield combonation. Gotta come check it out.
My folks were in an accident last week and that has made things a little crazy. Mom is at Intgris Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Center. She has a couple of fractures in her pelvis but is on the mend. Room 361 I think. Dad is doing alright. but their car is toast.
Call. Drop by. I think evening blowing is going to be the thing as well as early mornings. The heat of the day is a bit hot even with the new fans.
Keep it centered.

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