Thursday, June 09, 2005

Update on the Studio

Greetings faithful readers. This is for Chris and I thought I would post it up for all to see instead of just an email.
We are in the process of ordering a new Mercury Relay. I burnt our old one up. We discovered we are pulling about 65 Amps in the furnace. It is designed to pull 45. Why then 65 you may ask. Well, I have only ever been running two coils in the furnace. It is designed for three. With three it pulls 45 with two it pulls 65 Amps.
We rewired the furnace from the breaker box with a new number 2 service entrance wire. It should take the load. We put on a new 70 Amp breaker. We put in a new number 2 wire coming into the furnace itself, plugging into the Mercury Relay. The relay was rated for 60 Amps. It burnt up.
Last night.
We switched out a relay from the annealher so we can blow today. Hopefully I can get a new relay overnighted one rated for 80 Amps.
I guess that is about all I know for now.
We did get to blow glass yesterday. It was great.
We will be showing our glass this weekend at the Acousticadia Festival on Arcadia Lake in Edmond. 15th Street Spring Creek Entrance.
Stay in touch.
Give me a ring 405-473-0754
This has been Andy Boatman at Blue Sage Studios.
Always an adventure.

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