Wednesday, March 15, 2006

C- Town

Chicago, Chicago your my kind of town. Buck Rogers sang that upon reentry to the earth. Odd what we remember.
I went to Chicago Hot Glass yesterday. I hit it at a down time around noon. I got pretty much lost in the city and did not make it back for the 6:00 blowing session. I hope I can make it today but I planned on this being Museum day. We shall see when it is I need to hit the road. They are making some great glass here. Ian is making these huge fishing lures. He was going to do one last night so I am really bummed I missed it.
I am staying in Bucktown at Ray's B&B. I highly recommend it if you are passing through Chicago and need a place to stay.


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...


The best steak I ever ate was in Chicago. It was at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. (431 N Dearborn St, Chicago, 60610 - (312) 321-2725)
The filet was about 3" thick - so tender I cut it with a fork. Just thinking about it again makes me almost want to cry. They did steak like we do pizza.
The next best and most unique expeerience was @ Gibsons (1028 N Rush St, Chicago, 60611 - (312) 266-8999) The night we were there it was packed except for 1 table next to us. Even though it was a long wait for tables no one ever sat there. The waiter said Al Pacino had reserved that table and would be in later. It was really a unique experience not only the Al Pacino thing but the way the waiter related to us. There are no steak houses (we found out real steak houses are called "Chop Houses") in OKC that are even in the same class. Not even close.
The Cheesecake factory downtown was really good.
We tried a few of pizza places that were supposed to be really famous - with a clear conscience I can say, "They didn't hold a candle to Italian Jim's Pizzeria." The ambience was really neat and the pizza wasn't bad, but I was just spoiled I guess. (Shameless self promotion in case you didn't know.)
The Navy Pier was neat. Chicago is really a neat place to visit.
Enjoy yourself/selves - hope you get to watch them at Chicago Hot Glass.
Hope you get a great steak while your there.
Tell Al hello.
Linda and I wish we were there.
Looking forward to St. Louis.

Doing my best to "keep it centered"
Chris M.

Gnat said...

Oh man is the steak at Ruth's good. I really really can't say that with enough vigor!

I need to get back to Chicago one day.