Sunday, March 05, 2006

going and blowing

We are busy busy. Brent is heading to Tucson at the end of this month, then to San Antinio, and on then to Deep Ellum in Dallas. We have a lot of glass to make between now and then. We created some wedding glasses for a couple. They have turned out nicely thus far. They have been interesting to make. Good progress. Not one to huirry the wedding is next weekend.
We are teaching a group of girl scouts glassblowing over the next couple of days.
I have been thinking of glass as a team building excersize. What fun it would be to have a office of folks come out and work together. Create. Are you interested in having a unique experience for your team members or office? Think about scheduling a glass blowing session. Good stuff.
Keep it centered.


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

I heartily and strongly recommend a group coming out to Blue Sage Studios. The atmosphere is awesome! It is unique. It will be memorable. It is so roomy and relaxed and comfortable, I enjoy going out there and just hanging around when I can.

It will be a fun time for everyone! It will help you build teamwork skills.

Andy, keep that new furnace hot!

javaguy said...

I hope you post a few pictures of the new furnace soon.
One of these days I will make it out again. Classes have
been keeping me pretty busy. I always check your
blog and Bella Forte's blog once a day. I never did get a
chance to say thanks for taking the time to write that
recommendation for me, but I am saying it now. Thanks Andy.


Gnat said...

I think this is a great idea. I mean to start off with you can make it a very team centered piece.

You can make it a whole "week long" class. Where everyone gets to take the whole class. Don't save a single thing when they are taking the class until the last day.

3 Person teams, Gaffer and 2 assistants. One on colors, blocks, doors and boxing. The other on punties, turning, and heating. The last as the Gaffer.

Make them each do each role with the others. Stress how everyone is needed to make the final product. How each roll is different but needed to pull it off. How each role has it's hard parts and it easy parts and how you need to have trust in the others to do it right.

At the end of the week they will each have a piece to take with them. Something that each of them was the leader, and each of them was the assisstant. You will see the true leaders come out, as well as the follwers. Who hands the floor models and who wants to do it all.

I think it will be a wonderful experience. I think you could also work in cold working to show how the job is never done and good customer service will kill a good good thing just as fast a poor design.

I could go on for ages with how you can make chicken shit into chicken salad with a bad piece by not giving up, or when to call it a day and start over. It really could be a cool deal.