Monday, June 19, 2006

New Optic Mold

I got a new optic mold at the conference. Chris at Bella Forte got the same one. Good fortune. It is a really nice mold. I made some drinking glasses this evening using it. I will post up some photos in the next couple of days to let you all see it.
Keep it centered.

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Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

I used the new optic mold for the first time last night! I will see today @ about 3 or 4 how the piece turned out. I seemed great and worked alot better at squishing it in the lines than the other one I have. I think it is now my favorite mold out of 4 that I have!

Enjoyed having you with us on the trip. You are a perfect guest. I could learn from you! I endeaver to continue to do so.

Thanks for being an ever present souce of advice and info and thanks for the help concerning Patrick.

See ya,
Chris M