Monday, October 23, 2006

Schedule for the Week - October 23

Monday - 4:30 until about 9:30.
Tuesday - 5:00 or so til 9. Boy Scout Troop out for a Demo.
Wednesday - Bead Making Class I - Call Cynthia for Details
Thursday - 4:30 until about 9:30
Friday - Andy's Birthday. The Annual Ice Cream Social has been cancelled this year but look for it again next year.
Saturday - OKCMOA Intermediate Glassblowing Class 10 to 3. working til...?
Sunday - 4 til 9? Maybe earlier start with the sun being the way it is.

We have a bunch of ornaments to knock out so you may have to be working between Roy and I but no trouble there.

If you have not seen Chris's new works be sure to take a look at Bella Forte and eat at Italian Jim's Pizza in Yukon.

Keep it centered my friends.

1 comment:

javaguy said...

Are there any plans to offer beadmaking classes on the weekends?
If something were offered in December(no classes at UCO) or during the summer
I would sign up for it.