Monday, October 02, 2006

Schedule October 2 ...

Good Morning Glass Makers,
We will be working about the same this week. Things are coming together.
Monday - 4:00 until about 10
Tuesday - I am heading to Pauls Valley to visit the Trubey/Blakes.
Wednesday - OKCMOA glassblowing class at 6:00 should be working before this around 4 if all goes well
Thursday - Work around 4 until 10
Friday - First Friday Gallery Walk at the Paseo
Saturday - OKCMOA class. Blowing from 2 to 4 or so. Art show at the Blue 7 at 8:00.
Sunday - Blowing around 4:00 or so.
Call just to check and be sure. Drop by if you get the chance.
Keep it centered.

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