Monday, January 12, 2009

The Week Ahead

Things are going well at the studio. New bleachers, new tool board, cleaning, fresh charge of 312 pounds of glass. Drop by and check out our changes and progress. I would like to try to find a day or time when we can clean the studio. Vacuum, mop, dust, sort glass; I am needing help in this area as time is hard to find to do these things.

Monday - 4:30 til 8
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 4 to 9 with OKCMOA class
Thursday - 4 to 9
Friday - 4:30 to 8
Saturday - 10 to 4 with OKCMOA class
Sunday - 1 til whenever. Richard, Roy and I are in making things.
Mondy - Chili Night at 6. Day off from school too.

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