Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Art of Fire - Our Emerging Artists

Art of Fire - Our Emerging Artists
Many thanks to our friend Bruce. He has been most gracious in his teaching and grace at the studio over the past week. It is indeed a pleasure. We will be working on Thursday evening if anyone is interested in dropping by the studio and watching us work. Last week 12 folks showed up to watch and participate in a marathon glass blowing session that went until midnight. Great fun is to be had by all and as Bruce says, "Find yourself some fun!"
Keep it centered.


Bella Forte Glass Studio said...

Bruce is a great guy! Micah and I enjoyed visiting and watching him blow glass. A gifted teacher! We truly enjoyed our time at Blue Sage Studios and learned alot!

Andy, we loved your new furnace and all the new additions are gonna be super great!

As always we completely enjoyed our visit with you and everyone.

Chris & Micah

Bruce's Son said...

Bruce IS a gifted teacher. Seems to me he should be doing this all the time. Glad to see you are all finding some fun.