Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Enclamo Mugs

Here are a couple of Enclamo style mugs we made with Bruce. Very cool indeed. This is really a neat way to get some cool effects. Just blow a tube. Blow out the tip. Drop a solid piece of color on top. blow it out. Add a clear top. Transfer. Close the bottom. Encase in clear. Blow to size. Transfer to open the lip. Add a handle. Easy Peazy. Posted by Picasa

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Gnat said...

Ok let me see if I got this straight. The way I have always seen encalmo done was that you blow out tube, knuckled it down with the diamond sheers, then knocked off the knuckle. Neck it down at the moil, putty it up, transfer, open it up put in annealer.

Then make the same tube size, knucle, knock off, and skip the putty leave on the pipe, open it up to the same size as the cup in the annealer, and bring them together at the lips of a putty from the annealer.

Then smooth out a bunch and blow it out as normal. Add color again, or case whatever at that point you have a functioning closed system.

Now...your way if I am reading this right is to blow a tube. Superheat the tip and blow it out, trim off so you have a nice clean tip. Do like a drop foot on top? Or drop the foot on the marver and pick it up like a foot. Then marver it in, closing the system and getting close to the same effect.

Intersting I will be trying this very soon.