Tuesday, September 26, 2006

East Falls Glassworks - Glassblowing Demonstrations

East Falls Glassworks - Glassblowing Demonstrations
I found this today. Great Step by Step photos of several different projects. Take a look. Give it a try. Let me know how they come out...


Pantol said...

The process is really clear.
Thank you for your sharing of the website.

Jon Goldberg said...

Thanks for the feedback; if you're ever in Philadelphia, please stop by. We love visitors, especially other glassblowers. Also, the Venetian Maestro (Elio Quarisa) seen in these photos will be teaching a week long workshop in February 2007. I've not yet posted the details of this on our website, but if you are interested and want more information, let me know. You can see more pictures from his last workshop here on this web page. You can send me email at this address.