Wednesday, September 27, 2006


To get a bit esoteric for a moment.
What are the possibilities?
We will open a public access studio for Oklahoma City. All are welcome. Come in and blow glass with us. Lessons, rentals, demostrations. Members of the studio can come in and work. A true community of glass folks.
I need funding. It will work. It would be nice for a docent to come in and purchase the building for the studio. Knowing this to be highly unlikely we focus on a realistic solution. It is easy to think that glass is such a great thing and interesting and needed in this area and that some high community minded people would love to donate everything necessary to see a dream come to reality. So you if you that person let me know. If every person I know would even like to contribute to the cause let me know. Stock holders in the company.
Business Plan. I need to finish it and get it ready for presentations. Let people know what it is we do and what it is we want to see accomplished. A vision Statement. Step by step on how to achieve this goal...

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