Monday, September 11, 2006


We started charging the furnace last night. Cooking the batch from a fine powdery substance down into a molten pool. It is a wonderous process to watch. I do not get to load as fast as I would like. 75#'s before bed. 75#'s this morning. Heading to the studio at luch for another 62#'s maybe 75 maybe 50. Then after school to add another 50 or so. Then top it off this evening. Turn up the heat for overnight and then back down in the am for a squeeze. Backup Tuesday evening to working temps. It is a long schedule but being out there not all the time makes it somewhat difficult to keep up with a two hour charge cycle.
I am in need of some more beans too. I ran out of the last ones. Most of my coffee making accurtruments are at Maggie's place so brewing up a fresh cup is somewhat difficult. I do have a good french press and enjoy the brew this makes up. Typically, I can make a pot (six cup press) I have a couple of cups and then have to add hot water which is fine as the coffee is stronger but room temp. It makes for a nice night in the studio. By the sixth cup I am usually a bit excited. but then last night we were making what I hope is some really great glass. I will post up photos when I get the chance, really Chris I will.
Keep it centered my friends.

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