Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Website Updates

I have been looking at HTML validators. Seeing the need to have cleaner script I have been making changes to the Blue Sage Studios glass blowing web site. It is coming along nicely. I had a few errors and some 501 issues that needed work. I do not think you will notice much change in the site itself visually but the behind the scenes action is much better. I also need to use more key words in my text. Things like glassblowing and whatnot throughout the site in order to help be found easier on searches.
Changes are coming along nicely with the studio. I will try to get some photos this weekend and post up some of our improvements. Brent almost has the vent hood completed for the torch room and with the addition of a couple of more small torches in the near future we will be able to handle several folks working at the same time.
We are planning on building a new annealehr (the oven). Brent just needs a taller one and also when spinning out platters we need a wider space with shelves for multiple objects. We are also wanting to get our new glory hole built. I need to get the front cut off of the drum we have and order the fiber and bricks and burner.
Keep it centered.

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javaguy said...

Even though I have not been out in a while, my offer still stands for bringing out the plasma cutter to cut the end off of the drum. Just send me an email.