Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Working Diligently

I broke three pieces on Monday. It has been a long while since I lost that many. I think I am attaching the punty on too hot. I need to make some adjustment but I have not figured out what I was doing wrong yet.
We made several plates yesterday. It was a very good day all in all.
Should be working next on Thursday around 3:30 or so.
My new class starts on Saturday at the OKCMOA.
Keep it centered.


javaguy said...

Hey Andy! Glad to see you set up a blog just for the glass work. Great idea. When Brent is ready to start his flameworking class be sure to post the info. I will definitely sign up for it. I finally have a shop building up so I will have a place where I can work. Are you going to try for an advanced glassblowing class after your second intermediate class is finished?


john marshall said...

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